Advantages Of Recycled Paper Pulp Shoe Tree

Labour Friendly

Welfare of labour is very important to us.

Eco Friendly

Act of living with intent.

Raw Material

Environment friendly molded pulp.

Cost Effective

Monetary inputs and desired outcome.

Safety Parameters

Protection For Toe Cap, Vamp, Upper and Quarter
Retain Shape Of Toe Cap, Vamp, Upper and Quarter
Prevents Creasing, Cracking and Inner Tears

Usages of Kashwa Shoe Tree

  • Maintains Shoe Shape and Increases Life Span
  • Absorbs Moisture and Keeps Shoe Dry
  • Delays Wear and Tear of Inner Linings
  • Keeps Odour Under Control
  • Prevents Creasing and Cracking

Made from 100%

Recycled... Degradable Paper Pulp